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Tacx Turbo Trainers for Sale


Latest offers and deals on Turbo Trainers from Tacx

Although this is one of the highest rated groups of turbo-trainers available, there are nevertheless numerous discounts available on a variety of Tacx models, including Ergo, Virtual Reality, Wireless and Multiplayer versions. They currently benefit from an average discount of 26%, across the 66 products we've found in clearance sales. In fact, the top ten price reductions result in 44% off on average. The biggest saving is £386.99 for the Tacx Neo Smart Turbo Trainer (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display) and the minimum is for the Tacx Axle Nuts, saving £5.54.


Tacx Satori Show offers for sale

The total number of discounts for Tacx Satori products is 4 at the moment, with the percentage saved ranging from 28% for the Satori Smart T2400 Trainer to 35% for the Tacx Satori Smart Turbo Trainer, giving actual savings of between £75 and £100


Tacx Vortex Show offers for sale

There are 7 Tacx Vortex products for sale at discount prices, with Evans Cycles having the largest selection. They offer an average saving of 17% with the largest saving being £74.75 off the Tacx Vortex Smart Turbo Trainer (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display).


Tacx Genius Show offers for sale

At the moment we haven't found any discounted products in this category.


Tacx Bushido Show offers for sale

At the moment you can save on 5 products, with the maximum discount of 46% from Evans Cycles for the Tacx Bushido Smart Turbo Trainer (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display), while more modest savings are also available such as 2% off the Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer at


Tacx Flow Show offers for sale

The top discount at the moment is from with a reduction of £12.0 on the Tacx Flow to i-Flow Turbo Trainer Upgrade Pack. They also have a total of 1 more discounts for Tacx Flow products with savings between 6% and 6%.

Price range information

There are 7 main product price bands for Tacx turbo-trainers, depending on the number of functions built into the models, with the top range being represented by products like the Tacx Genius. The prices for the range rise as follows - (these are typical mid-prices for each model range):
  • Tacx Antares - £155
  • Tacx Satori - £199
  • Tacx Flow - £432
  • Tacx Vortex - £540
  • Tacx Bushido - £640
  • Tacx Fortius - £911
  • Tacx Genius - £1035